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Monday, April 26, 2010

Abbeyrd Beatles Page news headlines for 4/27/10

Update (4/27/10) from our Beatle News Briefs at http://abbeyrd.best.vwh.net/fabnews.htm
  • Beatles Examiner: The Beatles, radio and a legendary disc jockey on the latest 'Fab Fourum' podcast
  • Paul McCartney Examiner: Paul McCartney's Mexico City concert tickets sold out in record time, promoters say
  • Vintage Rock 'n' Roll Examiner: Bruce Springsteen, Little Steven join in on 'Good Lovin' at Rascals reunion (watch the video!!)
  • Vintage Rock 'n' Roll Examiner: The coolest-ever rock 'n' roll movie finally gets released on DVD
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  • Don't forget our handy list of the hottest new Beatle-related items in That's What I Want! for all your Beatle buying needs. (Just added: The remastered CDs and box sets, "The Beatles: Rock Band" and "The Beatles: Trivial Pursuit".)
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