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Saturday, August 30, 2003

More Stella wedding newspaper links

Scotland on Sunday: Stella's not-so secret wedding

Nzoom, New Zealand: Stella marries in Scotland

Brisbane Courier Mail : McCartney daughter weds on isle

News.com.au: Beatle daughter weds on isle

Security, by the way, was extremely tight. Twenty former SAS men were employed to keep outsiders out.

And this little interesting paragraph from Scotland on Sunday:

In the Kingarth Hotel’s public bar on Friday afternoon, and in an amazing coincidence, visitors heard one of Sir Paul’s ditties from the 1970s - ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ - blaring out of the CD player. Alas, staff denied that any celebrity guests were lodging at the hotel, and promptly shut up shop at 6 p.m.

More about Stella's wedding

More bits of news from the various newspaper accounts:

  • The News of the World reported that Paul entertained guests with a five minute musical set. You can find the menu here.

  • The Glasgow Daily Mail reported that the Campbelltown Pipe Band, who played on Paul's song "Mull of Kintyre," also was part of the entertainment at the wedding. And when asked about their child-to-be, Heather said she and Paul were looking forward to the baby and told the Mail, "Everything is fine. I'm feeling great."
  • Stella married, news reports say

    Stella McCartney, 31, has married her 31-year-old fiance Alasdhair Willis, Reuters, the BBC, Glasgow Sunday Mail and ABC Online report, citing news stories in local papers in Scotland where the ceremony was to be held. The papers said she married Willis in a secluded chapel at Mount Stuart, a Gothic mansion on the isle of Bute in western Scotland. Stella arrived in a horse-drawn carriage, wearing a dress she helped design.

    Guests, including Madonna, Kate Moss, Chrissie Hynde and Pierce Brosnan, were serenaded by a lone bagpipe player, then enjoyed a vegetarian reception dinner of artichoke souffle, followed by mushroom pie and wild strawberries, the News of the World said.

    Among those seen on the way to Rothsay, where a ferry took guests, was expectant mother Heather Mills McCartney. Speculation had been rampant for months in the tabloids as to whether she and Paul would be invited to the wedding because of a reported family dispute between Stella and Heather.

    We wish the newly married couple all the best.

  • BBC: Wedding bells on Bute (pictures)

  • Friday, August 29, 2003

    Abbeyrd Beatles Page news headlines for 8/30/03

    - All signs point to Stella wedding this weekend
    - The Concert for George news reports: More DVD release info.
    - Ringo 2003 All-Starr Band tour news: Denver fan reviews
    - Paul and Heather news: Can't you hear the heartbeat?
    - "Let It Be" . . . finally?: More speculation and the Apple marketing mindset.
    - "Beatlesongs" radio show playlist
    - Quick news links: Liverpool honors 9/11 victims.

    - Newly revised and expanded: Our Abbeyrd Beatles Page Collectibles Marketplace!

    Thursday, August 28, 2003

    Remembering Candlestick Park

    Aug. 29, 2003, marks the 37th anniversary of the Fabs' last public concert. It was played at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. At the time, it was home to the American baseball team the San Francisco Giants. Baseball fans know the 'Stick, as locals call it, as one of the most fan unfriendly parks in the country. Even on a summer day, as the wind blew off the bay in late afternoon, the crowd would often get chilled by the breeze. Paul even remarked about the weather the night of the concert on a tape circulating of the show. "It's a bit chilly," he said.

    Today, the Giants no longer play at Candlestick, having abandoned the park for the much more beautiful Pacific Bell Park. But Candlestick, which is still home to the San Francisco 49ers football team, has a place in Beatle history. We haven't been there recently, but the last time we were, the place looked a bit worn out. (It's over 30 years old.) It's sad to see the park, which has seen many moments of sports history through the years, look that way.

    There have been tributes to the Beatles' concert presented there over the years. And we know a plaque honoring the Beatles' appearance was presented there at one time.

    We hope that when pro teams finally abandon it, it will somehow remain as a monument to all the historic moments, both sports and musical, that have happened there through the years.

    Abbeyrd Beatles Page news headlines for 8/29/03

    Update (8/29/03) from Abbeyrd Beatles Page Beatle News Briefs

    - The Concert for George news reports: DVD release date!; more film reviews.

    - McCartney Red Square concert to air this fall: Clarification of broadcast date

    - Update: Ed Sullivan DVDs being released commercially: Extended press release.

    - Paul and Heather news: Trip to London.

    - Update: Beatles chart news: "1"

    - "Breakfast With the Beatles" KLSX-FM/Los Angeles playlist

    - Quick news links: More Stella wedding rumors

    Concert for George DVD release date

    Thanks to Beatlefan's Bill King, the mystery of what's coming out on Nov. 18 may have finally been answered. "The Concert For George" DVD, which will retail for $29.95 list price, is to be released that day. It'll be 2 discs.

    Here's the info on the set that Bill sent us:

    Here's promotional info on the "Concert for George" DVD set. There's a
    review of the film in Beatlefan/EXTRA! #191. For a preview, go to
    http://www.beatlefan.com and click on Beatlenews Headlines.


    $29.99 / 2 discs    selection # 970241   street date 11/18/03

    Visibility on release through December

     Listed below are the key points for the Concert for George, as they exist
    today. This is an early look at the project

    and there will be more details to follow.


    Last year a tribute concert for the late George Harrison was held in London
    to remember the 1st anniversary of his death. The musicians who
    participated were, Eric Clapton , Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Jeff Lynn,
    Ravi Shanker, Albert Lee, Ray Cooper, Jim Keltner, Jim Capaldi, Tom Petty
    and the Heart beakers, Jools Holland, the Cast of Monty Python, and a full
    Indian Orchestra. This was filmed and will be released as a commercial DVD.
    In addition a documentary of the concert was created and will be shown in
    theaters in the fall


    Artist royalties to go to the Material World Foundation-the Harrisonfamily


    2 discs-one disc of the entire concert approx 2:50in length-second disc the
    movie approx. 1:50in length

    There will not be an audio only piece at this time.

    The Beatlefan website says the entire concert will be on disc 1 and the theatrical version will be on disc 2. Interviews and rehearsal footage will also be included in the set.

    By the way, it's still not certain if the "Let It Be" CD will also be coming on Nov. 18 or not. It wouldn't seem likely that they'd release the two on the same day.

    Thanks very very much to Bill King for sending this.


    Wednesday, August 27, 2003

    Update (8/28/03) from Abbeyrd Beatles Page Beatle News Briefs

    - McCartney Red Square concert to air this fall: A sneak preview of the film!

    - Paul says he's planning new album: Some info from Rusty.

    - The Concert for George news reports: Another report on theater showing of concert film.

    - "Let It Be" . . . finally?: More reasons for DVD delay.

    - Ringo 2003 All-Starr Band tour news: Amarillo review (late add)

    - Quick news links: Beatle book author commits suicide

    Tuesday, August 26, 2003

    Update (8/27/03) from Beatle News Briefs

    - Macca Back in the World tour book coming

    - Update: "Let It Be" . . . finally?: DVD delay confirmed ... but what's coming Nov. 18?

    - Update: Ed Sullivan DVDs being released commercially: Link.

    - "The Beatles Show" radio show -- upcoming shows

    - Quick news links: Happy birthday, Barbara!

    - New essay!: Yellow Sub depth charged by Terry Ott

    Nov. 18 Beatles release??

    There's a rumor going around about something Beatles supposedly due out Nov. 18. We're checking...

    Back in the World tour book

    A note we just received from Matt Hurwitz:

    Hi, Steve--

    I've just heard there's going to be a big book covering Paul's recent touring
    ventures. No idea of time frame or format, but no doubt loaded with great
    pictures. Text written by Macca publicist Geoff Baker.


    It's official: "Let It Be" DVD delayed

    The Rocky Mountain News has the first official word (from Ringo) that the "Let It Be" DVD has been delayed. He says the CD will come out in October, but the DVD will take longer. Ringo is quoted in the Rocky Mountain News article as saying, "I don't think it's gonna come out at the same time, because we have to clean it up still." The article also confirms the October release of the Concert For George on CD and DVD. (Thanks to Trini Schultz and Brian Hurley.)

    Monday, August 25, 2003

    Update (8/26/03) from Abbeyrd Beatles Page Beatle News Briefs

    - George Harrison: In memoriam: Remembering George in Benton, Illinois.

    - The Concert for George news reports: Second report on theater showing of concert film.

    - Ringo 2003 All-Starr Band tour news: Grand Prarie, Texas, report. Paul and Heather news: Their great escape.

    - Update: Ed Sullivan DVDs being released commercially: Press release, links.

    - Pete Best Band news: Audio interview link

    - "Breakfast With the Beatles," hosted by Dennis Mitchell -- the latest show online

    - Quick news links
    Just saw this on Billboard.com: Head of Femur's debut album is called "Ringodom or Proctor." What's Ringodom, anyway?
    Just saw an advance copy of the new Warren Zevon album to be released Tuesday. It's called "The Wind".The cover features the picture of Warren that's on the home page of his website, http://www.warrenzevon.com. Looking at that picture, I'm not sure whether to smile or cry. Zevon, who is suffering from inoperable lung cancer, has an extremely dour look on his face. For a guy going through what he is, such a look would be expected. But Zevon has never been your usual kind of guy. What can you say about a guy who writes a song called "Werewolves of London"? In any event, the album features contributions from Joe Walsh, Jim Keltner, Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, Tom Petty, Dwight Yoakam, John Waite, Ry Cooder, Timothy B. Schmit and David Lindley.

    Sunday, August 24, 2003

    Picked up a nice DVD today that we'll do a longer review on soon. It's "The Beach Boys -- Good Timin' -- Live at Knebworth, England 1980." It was the last time Mike, Brian, Dennis, Carl, Bruce and Al appeared together in the UK and so some of the songs are ones we hadn't heard by the group in some time. It's especially sad to see Carl and Dennis. Dennis, who was showing effects of his alcohol problem, plays the drums very well in the set, especially the dynamic opening to the set opener, "California Girls." And Carl, of course, sounds tremendous, as he always did. If you're a Beach Boys fan, or, we should say, a fan of the Beach Boys the way they used to be, don't miss this disc.
    So why the blog?? It gives us the opportunity to quickly add items before they make it into the daily updates. Instant news, if you will. And it gives us the opportunity to add comments on things that don't really fit into the updates. As always, your suggestions and comments to abbeyrd@best.com are welcome and, in this case, will be very much appreciated. We promise we won't ramble. :)